Advantages of NetsPresso

You can get 'Fast', 'Cost-effective', 'Energy-efficient' & 'Accurate' AI models.

  • Faster inference by improving latency
  • Minimization of memory footprint
  • Minimization of power consumption
  • No significant accuracy compromises

You can shorten deep learning development cycles effortlessly.

  • Automation of building, compressing and deploying AI models
  • Hardware-aware model training, profiling, and converting on actual devices
  • One stop shop for project management and AI expertise
  • Shortening of the learning curve without having to go through numerous trial-and-error
  • Pre-optimized model architecture found before training to reduce computation

Adaptable to a variety of AI expertise and/or development stages

  • A la carte style usage is allowed as each module can be used separately or altogether
  • Intuitive web-based GUI that requires no additional set-up and enables users to kick-start development right away
  • Advanced options available for experts to reach high performance

Interoperability with other existing solutions

  • Support all CNN architectures for custom models
  • Interoperability with popular devices (NVIDIA, Arm based Processors, Intel, and more to come)
  • The CLI interface and API support allow for easy integration with the development pipeline you already have. (tbd)

NetsPresso upgrades your technical ability to develop AI models through its state-of-the-art technologies

  • Use autoML with no advanced AI knowledge
  • Auto-compression possible without any deep-understanding of compression technologies
  • Reduce amount of computation through compression (structured pruning, quantization, etc.)
  • Visualization of network to the layer level to enable ratio adjustment in Compressor
  • Hardware-aware model profiling
  • Quantitative and qualitative model evaluation enabled