- Super Resolution

Using automatic compression allows for easy model compression without a deep understanding of compression. Advanced compression offers higher flexibility in settings and may yield better compression results.

  • 'Compressed' Type: Automatic Compression
  • 'Compressed(Adv.)' Type: Advanced Compression

All of the original and compressed models can be downloaded easily on the Model Compressor Model Zoo.


ModelTypeDatasetPSNR (dB)FLOPs (M)Params (M)
EDSRCompressedSet531.62 (-0.33)147942.95 (1.55x)0.82 (1.86x)
EDSRCompressed (Adv.)Set531.61 (-0.34)83124.98 (2.75x)0.72 (2.1x)
EDSRCompressedB10027.39 (-0.12)147942.95 (1.55x)0.82 (1.86x)
EDSRCompressed (Adv.)B10027.38 (-0.13)83124.98 (2.75x)0.72 (2.1x)