- Semantic Segmentation

All of the original and compressed models can be downloaded easily on the Model Compressor Model Zoo.

You can get Compressed results with Automatic Compression and Compressed (Adv.) results with Advanced Compression.


ModelBest PracticeTypeDatasetmIoU (%)Global Correct (%)FLOPs (M)Params (M)Latency (ms)Model Size (MB)
FCN ResNet50OriginalCOCO60.591.4306554.9135.3213167.17135.09
FCN ResNet50Google ColabCompressed-1COCO59.6 (-0.9)91.4 (-0.0)156106.03 (1.96x)17.58 (2.01x)6438.06 (2.04x)67.34 (2.01x)
FCN ResNet50Google ColabCompressed-2COCO54.7 (-5.8)90.7 (-0.7)45826.66 (x6.68)4.84 (7.31x)2147.92 (6.13x)18.70 (7.22x)
  • We used a subset of COCO dataset to fine-tuning FCN ResNet50. You can check more details of dataset here.
  • The model's latency is measured using a Raspberry Pi 4B (1.5GHz ARM Cortex).
  • Options: FP32, ONNX runtime