- Semantic Segmentation

Using automatic compression allows for easy model compression without a deep understanding of compression. Advanced compression offers higher flexibility in settings and may yield better compression results.

  • 'Compressed' Type: Automatic Compression
  • 'Compressed(Adv.)' Type: Advanced Compression

All of the original and compressed models can be downloaded easily on the Model Compressor Model Zoo.


ModelBest PracticeTypeDatasetmIoU (%)Global Correct (%)FLOPs (M)Params (M)Latency (ms)Model Size (MB)
FCN ResNet50OriginalCOCO60.591.4306554.9135.3213167.17135.09
FCN ResNet50Google ColabCompressed-1COCO59.6 (-0.9)91.4 (-0.0)156106.03 (1.96x)17.58 (2.01x)6438.06 (2.04x)67.34 (2.01x)
FCN ResNet50Google ColabCompressed-2COCO54.7 (-5.8)90.7 (-0.7)45826.66 (x6.68)4.84 (7.31x)2147.92 (6.13x)18.70 (7.22x)
  • We used a subset of COCO dataset to fine-tuning FCN ResNet50. You can check more details of dataset here.
  • The model's latency is measured using a Raspberry Pi 4B (1.5GHz ARM Cortex).
  • Options: FP32, ONNX runtime