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Nota has built NetsPresso to help other developers to make custom AI models faster and easier for edge devices. NetsPresso aims to provide critical features to offer hands-on experience with hardware-aware autoML, optimization, and device farm to explore possibilities with NetsPresso.

This document includes product configuration, benchmarks, and other important information to help you during using NetsPresso. Please feel free to compare the results obtained using Nota NetsPresso with other model architecture optimization frameworks. We are constantly striving to keep up with the latest AI model optimization technology and we welcome your feedback!

About Nota

In 2015, we started with a mobile keyboard app that prevents typos. During the app development, we realized how painful it was to optimize the deep learning model on a tiny mobile device. That experience lead us to the decision to share our know-hows with other developers not only to build, but optimize models per a particular hardware. Since then, Nota has focused on deep learning optimization technology and will continue to develop its AI software optimization platform to support AI developer community.
Nota has offices in South Korea, US, and Germany and partners with over 35 global market leaders from a wide range of industries including system integrator, device manufacturers, platform providers, and mobility.

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