LaunchX is a web application that facilitates the essential tasks of framework conversion and benchmarking for deploying AI models on devices quickly and easily. It allows AI developers, researchers, and even non-coders to intuitively use the ultimate converter and benchmarker. If you are a Python user, you can access the same functionality as a Python package through NetsPresso.


We provide optimized models through NetsPresso. You can immediately utilize these AI models after converting them.

  • Utilize a variety of computer vision task models for free.
  • You can download converted models.
  • You can request customization for a fine-tuned model that is tailored to your project environment.


Simplify the process of framework conversion.

  • Easy and efficient model conversion.
  • Eliminate trial and error with automated conversion.
  • Quickly set up the deployment of models on target devices.

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Easily find the right device for your AI model.

  • Identify the best-fit device through benchmarking.
  • Check model compatibility with target devices.
  • Evaluate real-device performance without acquiring or setting up the device.

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Request your device

We continuously research and develop to optimize AI models whenever new devices are released through partnerships with device manufacturers. If you have a specific device you'd like to benchmark, please make a request to us.

We hear from you

If you encounter difficulties or need additional credits, feel free to contact us anytime!

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