Features & Scope of support

NetsPresso Model Launcher (beta)

Accelerated models, simplified deployment

Key Feature


  • Quantization enables to run and accelerate an AI model on the target device.

Convert and package

  • Convert and compile AI models so that hardware can understand and run them.
  • Package AI models with processing codes to be ready for the deployment

Device farm

  • Actual hardwares are already installed in NetsPresso Device Farm to provide hardware-aware features.


Scope of support

Converting options

  • Models built with Model Searcher → TensorRT, TensorFlow Lite, OpenVINO
  • ONNX → TensorRT, TensorFlow Lite, OpenVINO (Coming soon)
  • TensorFlow → TensorFlow Lite (Coming soon)

Package formats

  • Python wheel
  • Packaging is available for models converted with Model Launcher


  • NVIDIA Jetson family (Nano, TX2, Xavier NX, AGX Xavier, AGX Orin)
  • Raspberry Pi series (3B+, 4B)
  • Intel Xeon W-2223